Saturday, August 17, 2013

Standing Ovation Corn Bread

If there is ever a cornbread contest - ya'll better get OUT of My Way!  Have Mercy, this is the BEST cornbread I've ever made and I have to feed a few dozen folks tonight so I made a double batch (I hope it'll be enough:)!

I saw this on the Internet and thought, Oh Why Not?!  I've made thousands of batches of cornbread in my life but this looked truly unique!  Results are gorgeous and delicious!

You're gonna' need:
2 boxes of Jiffy Cornbread mix
1 box of Jiffy* Yellow Cake mix
   *If you can't find the Jiffy Cake mix, you can only substitute with Duncan Hines Golden Butter Cake - you need a regular ole' yellow cake mix that does not contain pudding in the mix. 

Mix the cornbread mix and cake mix together and add ingredients according to directions on BOTH packages (throw in an extra egg for luck - ya'll should already know that)!  Mix everything all together in a big mixing bowl. I used my electric mixer as this is too big a batch to stir by hand.

Spray a big baking dish - these are 10x15 disposable baking dishes and Sugar, they are FULL.  If you are using a regular 9x13 casserole dish, this will easily split into two pans.  Just spray them down with baking spray as you sure don't want this to stick!

The original recipe said to bake half an hour at 350*- that might work for small pans!  I baked these beauties for a full hour (maybe even a few minutes more) at 350* - you just have to watch them - bake until the center sets firm.

I could NOT resist and I can't possibly serve my guests something that hasn't been taste tested .... Standing Ovation Corn Bread!  I hear this is what they serve at Disney....I don't know if that's true or not but I'd drive to Florida just to taste compare!  Grab some butter and get to it ya'll!

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