Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smashed Potatoes

If you like the Smashed Potatoes at TGI Fridays, you'll LOVE this!  Super quick and easy - only the microwave oven actually works for this one!

2 russet or baking potatoes per person - I use 4 for just me and the hubs
1/2 stick real butter (okay - margarine is fine if you just have to use it)
1/4 cup milk per person
1 slice American cheese per person (go ahead and add an extra if you're
   really cheesy:)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Chopped Scallions (optional)

Bake potatoes in microwave until done.  I usually do 4 potatoes for 6 minutes, flip then 6 more minutes. 

When potatoes are soft to the squeeze, give them a quick slice horizontal then chop into about 1 inch chunks.  Slice butter over hot potatoes, salt and pepper to taste, then mash with an old fashioned potato masher or use the back of a fork to break the chunks up a bit.  Add cheese, torn into bite size pieces, then add milk.  Stir to a creamy consistency (this will be chunky and that's what you want).  Microwave another minute or two to melt the cheese and you're done!  You won't have any left overs - I promise!!!!

Add scallions if you like - heck, you could even add bacon bits or sour cream if you like...what ever floats your potato "boat"! Ha Ha Ha!!!

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