Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kick Off K-Bobs

If I never see another football shaped cheese ball and a Super Bowl party....I'd be okay with it!  I'm bored with the same old and want something NEW~Kick Off K-Bobs!

2-3 lbs lean steak (use your favorite cut...I like Sirloin)
1 bottle Allegro brand marinade (made only in my hometown, Paris, TN:)
pepper to season (no salt used in this as the marinade does that for you)
sesame seeds (if you want to garnish it up a bit)
1 large red sweet pepper
1 large green bell pepper
1 large sweet onion
cherry tomatoes

Cube steak into chunks (about 1-2").  Place steak in a heavy duty gallon zip lock bag.  Pour in Allegro and let meat marinate at least 3-4 hours (even overnight is fine) in the fridge .  Clean and cut peppers and onion into chunks (1-2" so that they are close to the size of your meat squares). 

If you use wooden skewers, soak them in a baking dish of water for 15 minutes before you use them.  They won't burn and will hold up better for serving.  If you have metal skewers, no prep needed.  I found some really cool circular skewers at the grocery a while back, makes a cool loop of food on the plate - the presentation is fantastic!

Remove steak and discard marinade. 

Now you have options, I like to brown my steak on the grill for just a few minutes before assembling the k-bobs.  You do not have to but I like my steak well done and this helps it get there without burning my veggies.  If you like a medium steak, skip the pre-grill and go ahead with k-bob assembly.

Slide your k-bob fixings onto the skewers alternating one meat for two veggies.  Try to make your sturdiest veggie (probably a pepper chunk) the top and the bottom so that they hold the rest of the crew intact with no runaways. 

Lightly season with fresh ground pepper, grill for 4 minutes and make 4 turns to keep the food cooked evenly on each side.  Look at the "done-ness" of of your meat to gage how long you grill each side.  The time will vary depending on your taste.

You can change the veggies to whatever you like, mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, I've even used the root end of green onions and they were yummy!

Sprinkle with sesame seeds (lightly) and serve hot right off the grill.

If you tailgate, you can assemble these at home, transport in a zip lock bag and cook at the stadium.  Still wow your friends with little to no clean up.

Makes 6-8 big skewers.  Use smaller skewers if serving this with several other appetizers.  Most guests will eat two small or one large skewer.

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