Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fast Thaw and Rise Bread

Well I sure learned something this morning!  Even the best made plans can hit a snag....and a big snag at that!  I forgot to set my bread out to thaw and rise last night.  This morning I woke up and realized that I was in BIG I had to get resourceful.

I remembered Thing #2 telling me how Texas Roadhouse got their rolls to rise by using a "proofer".  So when I took my breakfast biscuits out of the oven, I left the door open for just a few minutes (warmed the kitchen and cooled the over).  I added a bowl of tap water in the center then put my frozen bread loaves in greased pans, set them in the oven (now powered off) and closed the door.  That was at 7:00 am  

Just 4 hours later, I was ready to bake!  These are two of the biggest and prettiest loaves that I've baked in months.  Sunday miracles really do happen :)!

Now if you want to know the secret to the dough, I can't possibly tell you.  You'll have to ask the people that make and package it.  I just know that I can always count on the grocery to have it in the freezer for me.  Yes, I use frozen bread dough.  I'm busy but I want to make nice bread - I just don't have the time to grow the wheat and all that jazz.  Cheaters deserve delicious hot baked bread too!

Hope this saves someones meal sure saved mine!

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