Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple Bread

There are two schools of thought on this on this one...super simple or from scratch.

I opted for super simple today as I am very busy and it's just plain easier folks!

2 cans Apple Pie Filling
4 c Baking Mix (Bisquick or Jiffy Mix, either is fine)
2 cans Evaporated Milk (fat free is fine)
3 eggs
1/3 c Canola Oil (or Vegetable oil if you prefer)
1 c White Sugar
1 c Brown Sugar
3 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
Baker's Secret baking spray

I run the apple pie filling through the mixer to mash up the apples and blend it well (there will be lumps, that's a good thing:). In a clean mixing bowl, combine baking mix, milk, eggs, oil, both sugars, cinnamon and nutmeg. Blend until well mixed then add smashed apples. Blend well, pour into loaf pans (should fill 2. Bake at 350* for one hour or until pick comes out clean from the center.

I let mine cool on a wire rack then sprinkle with powdered can make a strudel topping if you like by combining 1/4 c Baking Mix, 1/2 c Brown Sugar and 1/4stick of butter, just cut the butter into the mix and sugar then top before baking (nuts are fine if you like them, just add them to the topping mix).

If you are feeling particularly energetic - peel and slice thin, 3 lbs apples (I like Granny Smith the best), dot with sliced butter pats (1/2 stick)and sprinkle with 1/2 cup sugar. Bake in a baking dish at 350* for 40 minutes.. Let cool and smash apple slices. Add all other ingredients and bake as directed.

I can't over recommend the Baker's Secret cooking spray...those sugars with the natural sugar of the fruit are a trifecta of sticking....if you spray your loaf pans liberally with Baker's Secret, you'll be much happier with your results. You may need to loosen the sides with a spatula then jiggle the pan but the loaves pop out beautifully!

Potato Soup
On a very rainy Sunday evening, this is just the ticket to sit back with a mug of soup and enjoy football!

5 lbs Idaho Potatoes (peel, rinse and dice)
1/2 block Velveeta (2% is fine)
3 cans Evaporated Milk (or 4 c Skim Milk if you're trying to be good)
Salt and Pepper

Peel potatoes, rinse and cube, add to boiling water. Cook at a low boil for 45 minutes. Drain excess water (almost all of it). Mash most of the potatoes in the pot with the back of a cooking spoon (lumps will remain and you want those). Add 1 can of evaporated milk (or 2 c skim milk). Place back on low heat. Dice Velveeta (or buy 2 bags of shredded Velveeta) and salt and pepper to taste. When cheese starts to melt, add the remaining evaporated (or skim) milk and stir until a creamy consistency is achieved.

I like to top my Potato Soup with Bacon Bits (REAL, not baco-s) and scallions. You may like this or leave it out if you don't.

This is a great make and eat meal but does not freeze very well.

Honey Butter
(for Jessi:)
1/2 c butter softened to room temperature
1/2 c honey (room temperature)
1/2 c powdered sugar

Blend all well - taste to see if you want more honey (I usually do) then when completely blended (don't be in a hurry, let is mix for a few minutes), transfer to an air tight container and refrigerate until needed. Super simple but beats the heck out of that stuff they sell in the grocery!
If it is too loose, add more powdered sugar to tighten up the mix. If too thick, add more honey to get the right consistency.

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  1. I am so excited to be following your blog! Can't wait to cook up some of these yummy recipes!