Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grilled Dessert

I always say, eat dessert first! Just think of all those ladies on the Titanic that were holding off ... now weren't they sorry :(

You can make some delicious desserts on the grill, just use your imagination!

I like using what ever is fresh in season and what ever is on hand in the house.

Peaches grill beautifully! Just wash them and pat them dry, remove the pit and put them on low heat on the grill, cut side down. Let them grill about 4 minutes, their juices will really come out and the natural sugars are just incredible!

I like to pair them (pun intended) with ice cream ... my husband likes this with vanilla bean ice cream but the choice of flavor is all yours.

You can kick it up a notch and serve it with grilled Angel Food cake too! Slice a deli bought Angel Food loaf (ya'll already know that I cheat when I can ... I like to eat and cook but why work harder than you have to?). Put the cake slices on the gill for just a minute on each side to bring out all it's sugary goodness, then pair it with whipped cream and fruit!

If you want to REALLY knock their socks off, try using a pound cake, and RUM! Yes, I am serious!

Sprinkle slices of pound cake with rum then spread lightly with butter. Grill for just a minute, then remove. Top with a creamy mixture of 1/2 cup sour cream blended with 2 tbl brown sugar! Yummy stuff and what's not to love about anything with Rum and Butter!

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