Thursday, June 30, 2011 special request

Your request is my demand...brownies it 'tis ladies and gents!

Grab a glass of milk and get ready!

Back in the day... a long, long time ago, I was asked to stop submitting Brownies to the Henry County Fair as I had won far more than my share of Blue Ribbons!

Well, my brownies have improved over the years (as have I :) so at the request of a dear is my very BEST brownie recipe...WARNING...cheating is involved...

2 packages of your grocery favorite cake brownie mix plus ingredients as instructed (eggs, oil, etc.)

2 Hershey's Symphony bars (the very large bars)

Powdered Sugar to embellish.

Mix brownie mix according to package instructions ( or make from scratch if you have a family favorite batch recipe). Grease a 9x11 baking pan with non-stick baking spray, pour in 1/2 the brownie batter. Add Hershey Symphony bars (one beside the other), and top with the other 1/2 the brownie mix. Bake as directed on the brownie mix package. This should be "toothpick" done ... insert a toothpick in the center... it should come out clean with no batter marks = done!

Patience My Dear....let the brownies cool on a cooling rack until completely cool before cutting. Slice with a serrated knife then separate. Sprinkle with powdered sugar to add to the sugar content and pretty appearance!

The candy bars in the middle are the secret to making these impossible to resist!

If you feel really wild, reheat the brownie in the microwave for 30 seconds, pair with Coffee Ice Cream (my all time fav) or Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or the flavor of your choice, drizzle with warmed store bought hot fudge sauce and is officially ... "Who Needs A Man" time ... yep, it's that dang good!

Ya'll brace yourselves and let me know if you have the same reaction :)

Chocolate Love Ladies & Gents!


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